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Here are some tips when deciding on booking a stripper – it’s just a guide but some points you should be aware of…


Book a Male stripper with a reputable Agent
When deciding on booking a Strippogram / Male Stripper for a Hen Night, Birthday Celebration etc – it is always best to book with a reputable Stripper Agent. A Male Stripper Agency has the knowledge and experience to give you the best advice possible.



The following Agents have been established for years and are the top of their game when it comes to booking and I can personally recommend them.



When is a male stripper appropriate?

One decision you may have to make is whether to hire a stripper or go to a strip club. Male strippers cannot usually do the full Monty in a crowded bar or Nightclub without permission from the management beforehand, so the performance may have to be at your home or hotel room etc. The Adonis Cabaret run weekly shows all over the UK and are pre-arranged and great value, you can go together and leave together,  check out

How to find a Stripper:

The most difficult part of hiring a stripper is finding one. You can use our helpful Stripper Locator or you can search the internet and look at reputable websites such as:

How to hire a stripper:

To hire a male stripper to come to someone's house or pre-arranged event and dance for about 15 minutes you should expect to pay £120 to £130. If you have 20 women, this price can be fairly reasonable. Remember though, as with everything in life you get what you pay for, gorgeous hunky guys with manners who are great fun are not going to work for £50. If you book one for £50 you’ll get £50 worth of man, it’s that simple.

How to make sure things go smoothly:

Keep the phone number of the agency handy. Strippers are sometimes held up in traffic/ delayed and sometimes they may even have to send replacement Strippers so as not to disappoint, this doesn’t happen often, but safeguard yourself.
- Be sure to provide them with good directions to the location. The stripper may have a party before you.
- Confirm the booking with a credit card. However you should expect to pay the Stripper cash on arrival.
- Try to get an agreement in writing by fax or mail.
- Book the person in advance a few weeks if possible then call a few days before the party to be sure everything is still O.K.

What not to do:

Don’t book a celebrity - Tom Cruise lives in LA, Chico is now a recording Artist, George Clooney even directs now, but none of them are Male Strippers, well not anymore anyway! Don’t fall in to the trap of thinking that Celebs will Strip for £100, this won’t happen – I only bring this up because you would be surprised at the amount of companies offering this service.