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Questions and Answers

Q: Can The Male Stripper we book do the Full Monty ?
A: Male strippers cannot usually do the full Monty in a crowded bar or Nightclub without permission from the management beforehand, so the performance may have to be at your home or hotel room if you want them to go all the way. if not most Grams just strip to their thongs.
Q: How much does it cost to hire a Male Stripper ?
A: To hire a male stripper to come to someone's house or pre-arranged event and dance for about 15 minutes then stay and a have a drink and do a few photo's etc usually costs between £120 £130. Remember though, as with everything in life you get what you pay for, gorgeous hunky guys with manners who are great fun, are not going to work for £50. There are some cheap companies but if you book one for £50 you’ll get £50 worth of man, its that simple.
Q: Can we choose a Specific Stripper?
A: Yes and No ! Its really depends on who's available, sometimes the cheaper agencies have pictures of guys like Chico or Brad Pitt, so be as specific as you can but remember Chico doesn't Strip anymore.....
Q: How long does the guys routine last?
A: usually about 12 to 15 minutes, The Guy will also make a fuss of the Hen or Special Guest, then stay for photos's etc, the whole experience is about 25 minutes to half hour.
Q: Will he take off all of his clothing?
A: Not usually unless specifically asked for upon booking, if this is the case it can't be in a Bar or Club as they will not have a nudity License, down to thong is sexy though and lots of fun.
Q: Will he arrive wearing a costume?
A: Yes the one you specify when booking
Q: What choices of costume are there?
A: Choices are Policeman, Fireman, Army Guy, Dress Suit or Officer and Gentlemen
Q: Can we ask for a specific uniform, like a Roman Toga?
A: NO - well yes, as long as you supply it
Q: Will he bring his own music?
A: Yes if in a Private House party he will bring his CD, if in a hotel room, he will usually supply a Portable stereo, if in a Bar or Club then No, he will dance to what's playing on their sound system.
Q: What should we provide?
A: A happy cheery crowd, don't let the mother or the sister ruin it for the Bride to be etc
Q: How do we pay ?
A: Some Agents take a deposit, some don't, just a credit card to secure the booking, whatever the case you will have to pay the Stripper on the night in CASH you should be aware of this.
Q: Do you have anyone available on this date?
A: Its always best to have the following information to hand when booking:- The Time you want him, the venue address with postcode, the uniform you require, the special guests name.
Q: Will he definitely turn up?
A: On the whole you should be ok, Strippers can sometimes be held up in traffic, or something could go wrong BUT don't worry reputable agents will send someone else if this happens so as not to disappoint, this doesn’t happen often, but safeguard yourself.
Q: Can we book the day before?
A: Book the Stripper in advance, a few weeks if possible then call a few days before the party to be sure everything is still O.K. You can try a few days before but the good ones go quick.

Silly Questions

Here are some silly questions i've been asked

Q: Do the strippers Strip?
A: - um ... yes
Q: Will they do it for free if I'm really really really good looking?
A: um noooooooooo
Q: Will Davina Sparkle or another Drag Queen Strip for me
A: NOoooooooooooooooooooooooo LOL
Q: Do the Strippers provide a Sexual Service?
A: Definitely Not
Q: Can he strip for 2 Hours
A: Hee Hee No
Q: Will he clean my house
A: Now thats just silly hahahhaha
Q: Are the Strippers Straight?
A: Usually most Male Strippers are, there are two i know of who are gay but you couldn't tell, mind you it should matter now should it !