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Strip History Davina Sparkle
As seen through Gin and Tonic eyes of Davina Sparkle, Drag Queen and Agent

Contrary to popular believe Male Stripping has been an art form and expression of dance and sexuality for many years, in fact some studies even date back to Roman times. Male strippers in the UK though, came into fruition in the 1970's with many pubs and clubs especially in Soho London, Manchester and other large cities, put on erotic entertainment for women and men in underground non regulated clubs.
The equation is simple, women are mentally stimulated by eroticism and fun whilst men are visually stimulated, So Male Strippers have to learn how to be charming, funny and witty whilst putting together a very entertaining show for the ladies – whilst putting on a raunchier little more basic and sexual show for the gay audience, If you were a professional stripper you were able to do both, and the earnings were good.     As the 1980's came, groups like the Dreamboys and the Chippendales were very popular all over the world, NO Full Monty on these shows, just choreographed and well thought out dance routines were developed, this is when some bright spark (and we don't know who) decided to add Drag Queens into the shows, Drag Queens bought female humour and Girl Power to the forefront long before the Spice Girls did...

Many Social Clubs, Nightclubs and Pubs decided to "cash in" on this side of the market and decided to book Drag Queens, Male strippers and a Male Vocalist for the evening to entertain their Lady Customers usually making the shows Full Monty, which was an added bit of fun to the proceedings!
Gay venues up and down the country also decided to have Male Stripper Nights and some still do especially in Cities like Manchester and Brighton which have large gay scenes. Most Strippers though, are NOT gay, some are, it used to be the reverse, 90 percent are not, but they always find it great fun to keep the girls guessing! How great is that to be secure enough with your own sexuality!!!   Kissograms - these became immensely popular in the early 90's with well built "hunky strippers" arriving at parties and pubs etc with a poem for the Birthday Girl, Hen night queen or Bachelorette taking off some clothing and sitting with her for a while, this then turned into Stripograms with a “Full Monty" style Strip and is still very popular today, but they've dropped the poems, well they were corny.   The film The Full Monty made the form of entertainment explode into the mainstream in 1997, pushing the scene (or what's known as the circuit) to phenomenal heights, with new shows and new acts and audiences in their thousands but all still a little cheesy by today’s standards.   It wasn’t until the late 90's when Adonis Cabaret Started that Ladies throughout the land had specifically designed venues to go to, to celebrate their actual Hen Night, Birthday or just a Girls Night out, now with clubs in Nottingham, Newcastle, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Brighton and London, Adonis Cabaret is firmly established at the front of the Male Stripping scene in the UK with Drag Queen Comedians and party games to keep you entertained all evening...
So to summarise, Male strippers are usually straight, work out a lot in the gym, are intelligent and witty and if good, have a great entertaining show to keep a smile on your face all night, Girl Power then I'd say!!!! And a great way to celebrate!
Written by Davina Sparkle (Drag Queen)